Renee Takacs – Intuitive Guide


ALL SESSIONS are conveniently conducted by phone, and Renee will call you.


Renee will share intuitive insights with you. You are welcome to ask questions as the session unfolds, or you may state your questions at the beginning of the session.
Your session is confidential. When Renee shifts from inspired consciousness to ordinary consciousness, she has no recall of the information.
You may receive a digital recording of your session, if you choose. It will be sent to you from Dropsend. Please download this recording from Dropsend within 14 days.
During an ANIMAL COMMUNICATION session . . .
You are invited to have questions prepared in advance.
Please anticipate moments of silence as the telepathic information is exchanged.
Renee begins by asking your pet for permission to communicate with him or her.
The next question is: “Is there anything you want to tell your person?”
Once the conversation begins, you are invited to ask your animal friend questions or convey any messages to her or him. Renee will serve as a telepathic translator.
Your pet does not need to be in the same room, or same location, as you. Many people schedule a session during their lunch break or while on vacation when their pet is either at home or in a kennel.
 Scheduling is easy.  Just click here or call 828-685-3231.
Gift certificates are also available.  Click here.