Renee Takacs – Intuitive Guide


Thank you for your interest in what I offer.

Intuitive Consultation

An Intuitive Consultation inspires transformation through a blend of intuitive insight and distance energy work.  Renee is able to read your energy field which consists of your mind, emotions and subconscious patterns. You may experience the opening of your heart and mind to greater expressions of love and light. Communicating with loved ones in spirit may be included during your consultation.

An Intuitive Consultation invites personal choice regarding future outcomes.  An Intuitive Consultation is different from a psychic reading because the focus is not on predicted outcomes.  The focus is on self-awareness, self-mastery and free will choice to create the life you want.

Renee has the ability to perceive subtle energies and can read your energy field which consists of your mind, emotions and subconscious patterns.  This spiritually-inspired process:

  • Focuses on the here and now
  • Lovingly explains your life circumstances as reflected through the language of your subconscious mind through feelings, images and metaphors
  • Releases self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions, received consciously and unconsciously, from family and society
  • Restores and awakens new awareness of your Divine Self
  • Validates your own intuition


Loving Relationships

– Your emotional, landmine-like triggers diffuse and you become accountable for your own emotional well being.

Unshakable Confidence

– When you feel safe and trusting, you become the compassionate, creative, empowered authority in your life, creating the life you want.


– Living in gratitude and trust, you are able to receive the bounty of the Universe which is wanting to meet your every need, as you allow it to be received, into your life.

For more information, please see Intuitive Consultation page.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication provides a telepathic and intuitive dialogue between your animal friend and you as Renee serves as a translator.

Renee’s intention is to support a loving, balanced, healthy relationship between you and your animal friend.

All sessions are conducted over the phone while you and your animal friend remain comfortably in your environment.

For more information, please see my Animal Communication page.

Distance Energy Work

Science has proven that everything exists as energy, even material substances, like our body. Science has also discovered that the mind is ‘non-local’ and that at an unseen level, we are all connected. Spiritually awakened teachers and individuals have known this truth throughout history.

Everything vibrates at different frequencies. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions exist as frequencies which influence the chemistry within our physical body. Please see my educational page on Masuro Emoto – Water Consciousness and Intent, for more information on this subject.

As we choose to experience the higher frequency emotions, like love, peace, forgiveness and joy, our body and our lives will reflect our positive light. Renee has the ability to observe ‘at a distance’ areas of congestion within your energy field which consists of your mind, body, emotions and subconscious patterns, and can help to clear congestion and to restore balance and flow.